Chap 2:7

Chap 2:6: I opened the message it was from him.  The  message said “Tomorrow  10’o clock at the coffee day nearby St. Patrick’s”. I got strange tremors in my stomach after so many days. I don’t know what’s happening between me and Parth. Then I kept my phone on charge and went to the verandah with Kiara. I was unable to sleep the whole … Continue reading Chap 2:7

Chap 2:4

Chap 2:3: Without speaking another word he opened his car door and drove away. I felt curious and began to call him screaming “Hey man!! Hello!!”.  He didn’t stop,he had tears in his eyes while leaving from there.  Then I walked about one and half kilometre I found the same car parked near by a HairSalon but then I was not sure whether it is … Continue reading Chap 2:4