Chap 2:9

Chap 2:8:

Then I said “I need to go home”. I didn’t eat anything there. He paid the bill and we got up from our seats and he said “I will drop you”. I smiled and said I live nearby that’s okay , thankyou. Then we came out of the coffee shop it was very sunny outside and then I started walking to the orphanage. As soon as I walked two steps I fainted. I was not in my senses. Then came running to me and took me to hospital.

I was been admitted in a hospital and was injected with glucose. Doctor said that it all happened because my blood pressure levels are too low that there were chances of my death if he hadn’t took me to hospital. I was lying on bed sleeping for 4hours continuously. By the time I woke up it was 6 in the evening. My eyes were blurry. I could see a man and a dog standing in front of the door. Then I slowly woke up from the bed. My eyes got normal and then I saw it was Kiara . Kiara came running to me. She was looking at me very sadly. Parth came walking to me. Kiara was standing beside the bed with her fore paws on the bed. He came and wat beside me.

I was surprised to see Kiara in the hospital. Then I realised that he got to know about where I stay. I asked him “How did you get to know about this?”, He asked me “Why did you lie to me?”. He had tears in his eyes. Before i tried to tell him something he got up and walked away from the room. Kiara was licking my hand. I pampered him for sometime and then the doctor walked in and asked me “How are you feeling now?”. I said that I was feeling better and then he said me few precautions and said “You are lucky that you are brought to the hospital at the right time”. I remained silent . He walked in and said that the old lady actually wanted to come but she had to look after the remaining children . I said that’s ok. He said Vila is here. I asked “Where?” . Kiara ran outside and took Vila inside the room .

I didn’t know how was Parth feeling . He brought me some fruits to eat. Vila was sitting beside me and Kiara was lying on the floor. Parth was sitting on  the couch beside the bed. He was silently staring at me. I didn’t know how to react. I said “Thankyou” looking at him. He remained silent, he is angry I understood that. He stood and said “You still have the feeling in your mind, you didn’t accept me completely as a normal person. Yeah that’s ok, still distances between us”. Tears were rolling down his cheeks. He walked out of the room .

(To be continued in the next chapter.)


N.Malaika Yadav.


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