Chap 2:8

Chap 2:7 –
Noisy atmosphere woke me  from sleep. I found Kiara having her breakfast sitting beside me. I got up from there and took my bath. I was getting ready. May be this is the first time I am wearing an old dress while going to meet a friend. I was excited but nervous at the same time. I wore a yellow kurthi with a pink bottom and my hair was left loose . I didn’t even have a deodorant to spray. Not even a cream nor a lip balm to put on .

I got out of the room. Kiara came running to and it gave me so much of happiness that she is normal again. The only happiness i have is  Kiara. As I saw her running towards me I hugged her. She licked my face. Vila came walking to me and pulled my hand down. I was kneeling before her and she kissed on my cheek. I said to the old lady that I am going out and started to St.Patrick’s. I got an auto and went to the coffee shop I had only 100 rupee note in my purse. I got down the auto and asked the driver “How much?” . He said “150 ma’am”. I know I don’t even have a single penny in my purse but still was checking the purse so that by chance i would find some money. Then a voice from behind said “I have the change”. It was him he gave the driver remaining money and smiled at me. I smiled back to him and said”thanks!”. 

We walked inside the coffee shop. I was feeling very hungry as I didn’t even have anything for the breakfast . But I sat there quiet because I know that I don’t have money. Then the waiter came there and asked “Sir order please!”. He took the menu card and said “Two cappuccino please”,and looked at me and asked me “anything else you wanna have?”. I said “No that’s okay. I am not that hungry”. Then the waiter went away to get the order and then Parth asked me ” So where are you staying now?”. I said “Nearby this place it takes just 20 minutes from here”. He smiled and said “I couldn’t sleep all the night, frankly speaking I am getting vibes in my stomach meeting you after these many days, days turned too lucky. I never thought I will get to meet you again”. I smiled. “So what else?”, He said. 

I was in a dilemma whether to ask him or not about the job. Then I have made up my mind to ask him at any cost. I was about to speak and then the waiter interrupted placing the coffee. I asked Parth “So how is life going on? How is your family and your girlfriend?”. He smiled and said “Yeah mult my mom and dad are pretty fine ,but…” . I was literally praying god inside my heart. I know that everything happened in the past but still i can’t dare to hear about his girlfriend. I said “But…! What?”. He said ” I don’t have a girlfriend”. Listening to those words really gave oxygen to my suffocating heart. I smiled. He in turn asked me “What about your parents?” . Listening to that question my brain froze. Tears started to roll in my eyes . I faked a smile and said “Yeah ! They are fine”. Though I could fake my smile and words ,my eyes said him the truth.

(Will be continued in the next chapter).


N.Malaika Yadav.


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