Chap 2:7

Chap 2:6:

I opened the message it was from him.  The  message said “Tomorrow  10’o clock at the coffee day nearby St. Patrick’s”. I got strange tremors in my stomach after so many days. I don’t know what’s happening between me and Parth. Then I kept my phone on charge and went to the verandah with Kiara. I was unable to sleep the whole night. Kiara accompanied me all night though she was not feeling well she sat beside me calm. 

The next day in the morning I woke up at 4’o clock beside the pillar in the verandah. Everyone were sleeping. Then I realised that I fell asleep in the verandah. Then I brushed my teeth and then sat calm in the verandah in the arm chair, eyes closed. Then again my mind started to speak “St. Patrick’s had lot of memories related to it. My School it is. So many things happened. Good memories and bitter lessons.  All started to strike my mind. 

Those days of teenage my bench and his bench. We were in the same class. He was my competition in studies. Always there used to be a cold war between us. I used to struggle to top the rankings in class.  He never lose any chance to beat me down. One day when I sat with my class mates my girl friends they were speaking about the good looking guys in the class and everyone were saying out “Parth looks good out of everyone in the class” . I kept calm and then during our mid examinations I was struggling alot with the maths and then he helped me out in solving the problems and I used to help him with the grammar. That’s how our friendship began. 

After a week when we were chit chatting he said that “Day before all the boys in the class were sitting and speaking about the good looking girl’s in the class and then everyone started to tell your name.  I was surprised listening to that. I simply smiled and asked ” Whose name did you say first then? “.  Silence at once he smiled and said “Not yours for sure”.  I laughed out but inside I really felt bad for the first time don’t know why! Then we continued with the normals talks. 

Then the very next week he had changed his seat to my adjacent bench. He used to sit on the corner beside my bench. Then we became very close friends. I still love to think about those days. All day we used to do nothing but smile at each other without any reason like idiots. Parth used to call me “Haaya Haaya”  and tease me. He always used to make fun of me and then when I get angry he used to tell me hundreds of sorrys with a chocolate. We were in a flirtationship. 

(will be continued in next chapter.) 


N. Malaika Yadav. 


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