Chap 2:6

Chap 2:5 :

Don’t know why then I suddenly cut the call. I switched off my phone. I lied down on the floor. Tears didn’t stop and all that happened in the past started to flash in my mind. All I could see was those days when I actually realised about my life. My life was all typical. I would thank to God whenever my day goes without any mess and prayed him to make my life better. Those bitter experiences I had. Now that flashed in my mind was that innocent heart when I didn’t even know what’s the meaning of love, relationships, life and all.

I was an intelligent girl. All that I remember was when I was a child my parents daily fought for some or the other issue. It had a great impact on me and my grandma. They abandoned her when I was at the age of 7. I always used to miss her. I used to cry so much. That’s the reason I used to play with my friends all the time. I was never a kid who sits in the home. I always loved to play outdoor so that I could get rid of the quarrel between my parents. When I was at the age of 10 I was playing as usual with my friends in the lawn there was a shop nearby the lawn. 

The shopkeeper was very good that he used to buy us chocolates and play with us. He used to crack jokes. The shopkeeper was of age 21. I along with my friends used to visit him daily and play with him. He used to take me in his arms hug me and kissed me on my forehead asusual he did the same with all my friends. I used to love spending time and playing with him. And then one day all my friends left to the village and in the evening I went to his shop as usual.  He took me into his arms he caressed me and kissed on my cheeks. He gave me chocolates and then he took me into a room. He started kissing on my cheeks and then started to remove off my shirt. I was scared I started crying “I wanna go home,  I wanna go home”.  “Don’t worry stay for five minutes”, he said holding my hands tight and then he took of his pants and tried to molest me. I started crying loud “Move I wanna go home, Mummy.  I wanna go home”.  I wasn’t sure what was happening but it gave me kind of uncomfortable feeling. 

Then I rushed to my home. I had tears in my eyes. I stepped inside my home and saw my parents shouting at each other. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t utter any word. I ran to my room. I had no one to tell about this. I slept crying that night. Thinking about all this broke me and pushed me into a world of darkness. I woke up as I sensed something that touched my cheek. I saw Kiara was lacking my face. I then gotup and sat. I kept staring at my phone. Then after five minutes my phone beeped. It was a message from Parth. My emotions changed within seconds. My heart started to beat faster. I opened the message. 

(will be continued in next chapter.) 


N. Malaika Yadav. 


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