Chap 2:5

Chap 2:4:

I asked him how is he. He then said that he is good and he owns a chain of supermarkets. I smiled and said “That’s great!”.  Then he asked me “Where do you live?”.  I said nearby at my cousin’s place. He said “If you don’t have any problem I will drop you there”. Then I said “Thankyou, but I am going to meet one of my friends”. He then said “Oh! That’s cool. Can I have your number?”. Then we exchanged our numbers. 

Then I started walking to the orphanage. Then he got into his car and drove away. Tears started rolling again. I couldn’t find any job that day. I felt like a looser. I sat down on the foot path and was feeling really hungry. All I could think of was the food cooked by my grandma.  She always loved me than anyone else. She had sleepless nights when I was sick and always cooked delicious dishes and took care of me like a kid.

Then I got a call from orphanage Visa was on the phone she said “Kiara isn’t having her food”. I got tensed and then took an auto and went to orphanage. Then I saw Kiara lying down near the door. It came running to me but it looked so dull. It came to me and started to bark in a low voice. I understood that she isn’t feeling well. I gave her some food and then took her to the hospital.  The hospital charges and the medicines made my purse empty. I was left with only 100rupees note in my purse.

In the evening I sat down with Kiara. The old lady asked me to help her in cleaning the utensils. I started washing the dishes. Tears I guess thats the only fluid left in my body. All the energy in me is lost. I was scared that one day those tears might also leave me. Then I went to the room to sleep. Then I lied down. Then I remembered about Parth, which could actually bring a smile on my face.  I then realised that he said me his designation.  He is an Entrepreneur. Then I thought of asking him for a help. But then was scared to do so. I was in complete dilemma. Looking at Kiara gave me a complete clarity that I shouldn’t loose any single opportunity. Then I dialled his number on the screen. I kept staring at the number and finally I clicked on call button. It started to ring. My hands started to shiver. 

(Will be continued in the next topic) 




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