Chap 2:4

Chap 2:3:

Without speaking another word he opened his car door and drove away. I felt curious and began to call him screaming “Hey man!! Hello!!”.  He didn’t stop,he had tears in his eyes while leaving from there. 

Then I walked about one and half kilometre I found the same car parked near by a HairSalon but then I was not sure whether it is the same car or no. Then I walked to the car and looked inside through the window.  There was nobody inside.  I waited beside the car for half an hour.  Then the man whom I met outside the store came walking outside the salon. But now with a different look. He got his hair cut done and shove off his beard. I was shocked. Then a memory lashed that he was one among my past. 

I walked towards him. I said “Parth?”.  This time his face had a brighter smile. I smiled back. He said “Maaya!”  in a low tone but in a pleasant manner.  It felt really nice listening to someone calling out my name. I asked him “Why did you shave your beard?”. He then said that’s the only way left for me or else you will never identify me with such fully grown beard and hair.  I thought he is crazy.  I asked “And what if we didn’t get to meet again?”.  He then said “Hope should never die. When it does there’s no meaning to our life”.  I then laughed loud.  I never heard such kind of dialogues from him. I felt surprised listening to them. 

(will be continued in next chapter.) 


N.Malaika Yadav. 


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