Chap: 2:3

Chap 2:2-

I stood there with tears in my eyes for ten minutes. The lady acted as if she doesn’t care. Tears were rolling off. The only cause for my tears is my laziness. I asked her “Please I never let Kiara stay hungry for this long all these days”. Vila came running to me and asked me “What happened?”. I said “Kiara is hungry!”. Then Vila said “But Nanny(the old lady) gave breakfast to Kiara while you were sleeping. Kiara had her breakfast. I looked at the lady. Vila’s words wore like magical charms. The lady smiled at me and said “I dont want to punish Kiara for your mistake”. Then she gave me some food to have and said “You need to wake up early from tomorrow if you want the food”. I hugged her and thanked her.

Then I had my breakfast and said Kiara to stay in the orphanage. I came out of the orphanage in search of a job. I walked for 2kms. I had only 1800rupees in my purse. But I saved them for emergency. Then I walked into a store. I asked the man sitting in the counter “Are there any vacancies?”. He said “Yeah! Can you work as a salesgirl?”. I kept thinking for a while and then said “Ok! Anything is fine”. I asked him “What will be my salary?”. He then said “200 per day”. I asked him again “How many hours a day I am supposed to work?”.  He then said “10am- 5pm”. I didn’t like the job because the salary is too low for the work i need to do. I then said “I will let you know by tomorrow morning, Thankyou!”, I then walked out of the stores. As I came out and walking. There were 100’s of questions in my mind, not even one among all those questions have an answer. I get emotional easily. I walked few steps forward wiping my tears.

Then a guy who was walking in my opposite direction waved his hand at me. I looked at him. He said “That guy is calling you”. I turned back and saw. Then I saw a man ten steps away from me. My eyes were blurry as they were filled with tears. I wiped my tears and walked back to the guy. He wore Black formal shirt and cream trousers with sunglasses on. He was 5.8 inches tall with fit body. He had full grown beard and moustache with fair skin complexion. He stood smiling.

I didn’t recognize him. He said “Hello Maaya!”. I was shocked listening that. I looked at him with a puzzled expression. I tried to figure out who is he. I said “Do I know you?”. He then said “I never expected such question from you, I thought you would feel happy looking at me”. He had a sad expression on his face. I then felt like I knew that person from so long.

(Will be continued in next chapter.)


N.Malaika Yadav.


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