I looked at the visiting card. Then i came out of the church took an auto and went to the address. It was an old house with a big verandah. As I knocked the door an old lady opened it. I just showed her the visiting card. She invited me and Kiara inside with a pleasant smile on her face. I walked in she asked me what’s my name, I said “Maaya”. She kept her palm on Kiara’s forehead and said “What is your name little creature”. I then said “Kiara”. She asked me “Did you had your food?”. I said “No”. Then she walked to another room gave me and Kiara some food.

Then she asked me “Why are you here my dear? Where are your parents?”. I then said “I am an orphan”. She nodded her head and said “Would you like to stay with us?”. I looked at her without any expression on my face. She then took me to a hall where 10 kids were sleeping on the floor. I then understood it is an orphanage. I simply said “Yes!”. She then took me to another room to keep my clothes and said you can keep all your belongings here, you dont have to fear about the security of your belongings. I simply nodded my head.

Then I walked to the room kept there all my clothes and my belongings. Then I went to the hall to sleep. There was only little place to sleep. Kiara was sleeping infront of the door and I slept two steps away from her.

I wasn’t able to sleep. I was scared, i didn’t knew what i was doing. I was completely confused. I then moved near Kiara. I slept hugging her. Kiara made me feel the place like my home. I slept peacefully that night without any sort of tension. Though I was sleeping on floor without a fan on the roof , Half filled stomach my mind was completely peaceful. I realised that “All I need is Peace and Kiara”.

Then in the morning I got up at 5 a.m it was noisy. So the environment woke me up. Children were in hurry. I asked one of the little girls what’s the matter. She said “Vila is vomiting, Vila is vomiting” and ran away. I went to the place. Children didn’t know what to do they were just giving Vila water to clean herself but weren’t helping her. I went to her and I closed her ears using my hands pressure. She vomitted all the food she ate last night. I took her to the room and made her sleep. It was 6:30 a.m in the morning then all we fell asleep. I woke up after sometime and looked at the watch it was 11 a.m. then i rushed to the washroom and brushed my teeth. Then I asked the little girl where is the dining hall. She pointed me towards kitchen.

I walked in. The old woman was inside the kitchen. I was feeling very hungry. I and Kiara didn’t have anything from the time we got up. I asked the lady “Can I get some breakfast?”. The lady looked at me and said “But the breakfast is over. You should have come early”. Tears rolled in my eyes. I looked at Kiara. I got to know that its my mistake and because of that Kiara too isn’t getting food. I looked at the lady and asked “Please can you give Kiara something to eat. I can stay without having my breakfast. But this little one!”, saying this tear rolled down my cheek.

(Will be continued in the next chapter).


N.Malaika Yadav


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