Freedom is always better!

“Why dont you people just let me go?” I screamed. Kiara was looking sad at me. All I know was it loves me more than anyone does. I took off her chain and hugged her. She kept licking all my face. No human understood me in a way she did. They say its just a dog but then, she is the only person who never did hurt me. I packed all my things in a bag and moved out of the house with Kiara.

All I have was just a note of 2000 rupees in my pocket, a bag full of clothes and a folder of my certificates. I don’t even know where I am going. But all i just know was I am not going to live in that house anymore. Tears were rolling of my cheeks. I was in my shorts and a tank top. People were staring at me as I was walking with my bags and Kiara on the road. After walking 2 kms my mind lost that intensity of frustration. I was a bit relieved.

Then I realised I haven’t feed Kiara since morning. Still it didn’t start barking. But kept walking two kilometers with me. There was no such day I left her hungry. Then I walked to the near by stores brought her some bread and milk. I fed her bread. But the problem was with milk I didn’t have any vessel or bowl to pour the milk for Kiara. I looked around. Then started walking again. There was a beggar lying on the pavement even he had a pet. I stood there for a while.

Then a question striked my brain. When the beggar himself wont get enough to eat how will he feed his pet? Then I walked to him and asked gave him the remaining bread slices. He ate two and gave the other slice of bread to his pet. It was a months baby. It came near Kiara and smelled it. It started wagging his tail at us. Then I asked the beggar that he had any bowl. He gave the vessel he had. I poured the milk into the vessel and then Kiara and his pup started having milk. All the people on the road was staring at me with a puzzled face. But then I know that I don’t care. Then he thanked me. I smiled at him and started walking again. I went to a Church nearby and sat there in the waiting hall.

Then I fell asleep of the hunger. Then I suddenly woke up as a old lady was calling me. I gotup and i realised it was 7:30 in the evening. She asked me “Where do you stay?”. I said “I dont have any home”. She asked me where I am from then I said “I am from a different state I dont have anyone over the new place and I said her that I am an orphan”. She didn’t utter a single word but she walked away giving me a visiting card.

(Will be continued in the next chapter)


N.Malaika Yadav.


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