His mom wrote…

Its been one and half year I am studying my masters staying in a different country. Today when I am searching for my documents in a zipped folder file I found  two sheets of paper folded in-between.

I didn’t see it till now. I opened it. It is my mom’s handwriting. I felt surprised . It is a letter from my mom. I speak to my mom thrice a week on phone. I couldn’t even teach her how to operate a computer and that’s the reason we never did a video call. I am the only son to my parents.

I sat down on my table and opened it. It was written “Dear Guru! I hope you might be so busy in your daily routine. Now that you have grown up and started making your own decisions. In these 22 years I have never left your wishes unfulfilled. I always tried to give my whole and soul to you. I have wrote this to you because you have got a proper age for understanding whatever I am trying to convey you. Do you know dear your mumma stood second in her high school. She was one of those teacher’s favorite students in the class. I stopped my education after 12th standard. After that i was made to learn all the household work. The story nobody ever knew was about my first love. I was in my 11th standard where a guy in my class proposed me. Even I used to like him but I never confessed. I was not only scared to tell it to him but was scared of a question what if my parents get to know about it. In crowd full of people the only person I used to look at was him. He used to stare at me for hours together. I used to act as if I am unaware of those looks. We used to smile at each other. Rarely speak two or three words. My friends used to tease me calling out his name. I used to act like I am not into such kind of things. But used to blush alot inside. He was a very good guy and from a peasant family. One day he approached me proposing me for the second time and that day he even said that he will talk to my parents. While we were talking one of my cousin brothers saw us. The next day my parents restricted me from going to school. They asked me to learn all the household work. Not even a single word I spoke about it to my dad. Days passed,I was married to your dad. I never asked my dad to give me to him because i knew their love is greater and long lasting than his love. I used to have guilt. But your dad’s love made me forget all the past. When you were born when people were so anxious and happy to see you. Your dad was the only onewho came and saw me first instead of taking you into his arms. He held me tight in his arm saying that I never gave you pain of a pin prickle seeing you with labour pains scared me more than anything. The best part is your dad knows about my past but still he loves me the same. He never let me feel regret of losing that guy. Today I say you only one thing. I dont even mind if you like some girl. But please dont be scared to tell it to us. Be man with heart. Treat the girl you love with most respect. Before loving a girl first learn how to treat her. Make sure she is happy with you. Take care that she takes the place after me in our home. Be someone like your dad. That will be the best ever gift to me from you. Dont ever give people a chance to point out the way I have grown you up”.

Reading all this I had tears. I rang up to my mom. I askd her to switch on the computer and told her clearly how to make a video call. Her eyes are completely filled up with tears she is so happy to see me after one and half year. Those tears of joy once again made me feel blessed to have a person like her in my life.


N.Malaika Yadav


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