chap 13:

Chap 12:

Then i opened the messages first to see what she have texted. First two messages were same “Hai”, then next message was “Are you busy?” then 4th was “This is how much you are missing me!”. Then the next message was “ok bye!have fun in the village”.

Seeing all these message made me sweat. Then i called her up she didn’t pick up the phone. I got tensed. Then i messaged her like “Nikah i am really sorry my aunt’s family is here,so I was a bit busy I couldn’t lift your calls or reply to your texts”. I was waiting for her message. I am pretty sure that she is angry on me.

I was in a situation stuck between two girls. I can’t stay in my room waiting for Nikah’s call nor stay with Diya and spend time with her. I didn’t knew what to do. Diya walked into my room. We sat on the bed. While we were chit chatting I got a call from Nikah. Then I lifted the call I said “Hello” so did she. Then she asked me what am I doing. Then I said I am speaking to Diya. In the mean while Diya was tickling me and started to disturb me asking who is that girl in a playful manner. It started to create disturbance slowly to Nikah. Nikah asked me who is Diya. I told her that she is my aunt’s daughter. Then she asked “Are you busy?”. I said “No,not at all”. Listening this Diya got sad and walked out of my room.”Shit!”, my inner voice said.

Then I couldn’t answer Nikah properly. I was completely confused what to do. I spoke to Nikah for about 20 mins. I heard my mom calling my name. So i told Nikah that i will call her in the evening and hung up the phone.

I felt a bit relaxed speaking to Nikah. She be the one who made me high and low succeeding in seconds. She is unique. Then again listening to my mom calling me I went to the hall. She was calling me to have my lunch. I thought it was too early to have lunch. Then I looked at the clock. It was 2 already. Then I went to the dining table and sat beside Diya. As soon as I sat beside her Diya shifted to the corner seat.

I got annoyed by her behaviour. Then we had our lunch together. Then I felt sleepy a bit but still I went to Diya’s room to spend some time with her. By the time I went there she was arranging the things properly in her room. As she was doing her work. I went back to my room to have a nap.

Then I slept for two hours. I gotup at 5 in the evening. I gotup and by the time i got up Diya was playing with the neighbouring kids. I went out,grandma asked me to take Kiara out for a walk.

The i held Kiara’s chain in my hand and asked Diya would she like to join me for the walk. Then she came without hesitation. I felt a bit good this time. Then we walked for a half mile without knowing. I took out my phone to text Nikah.

Then i messaged Nikah “goodevening”. Suddenly Diya asked me “Who is Nikah?”. I told her she is my neighbour and my friend too. “Friend?” Diya exclaimed. I said “Yeah!!” with a smile on my face. “It seems like something more than a friend” Diya said. I asked her “why do you think so?”. “The glow on your face whenever her name comes make me feel so”,she said.

Then we reached home. I just smiled and diverted the topic. Then I went to my room and called up Nikah. I spoke to her for an hour. Later I called Diya to my room to show the photographs in my laptop to her. Diya was sitting by myside. We were speaking and cracking jokes. Then Diya held my hand and kept her head on my shoulder.

She said in a low voice “Guru?”. I said “Yes chipmunk(Its her petname which I call)”. She said “Your family and My family are pretty close.You and I are bestfriends aren’t we?”. I kept listening to her. Then she said “I felt very happy when my parents told we are coming here for the vacation. I dont know about my parents but the main reason I came here is you”. I smiled. Then she continued “Guru I dont know how special and nice I feel when I am with you”. “So am I”, I said. “I get jealous when you keep speaking to Nikah” she said. Listening to this I have gone insane. I didn’t understand what is she trying to say. I asked her “why?”. The she remained calm. I asked her “why d you get jealoused?”.

She said “Guru, I always feel you as mine. I dont know what is this feeling. But all I know is I love you”. I didn’t understand what it is. I questioned myself am i dreaming or what? I couldn’t believe this happened. I was totally blank.

(Will be continued in next chapter).




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